LED T-shirt introduction

LED T-shirt introduction
1. Note that the product is not equipped with a battery for shipping reasons.
2. The drive is the power supply for the lighting panel (pattern) and the battery needs to be mounted in the drive. Place the drive in a small pocket that is sewn to the left front waist of the garment (also attached to the trousers or belt).
3. This is a voice control model with two 7-cell batteries. When using, check if the battery compartment switch is turned to the "ON" button. If there is music or voice outside, the lighting effect will vary depending on the size of the music.
Washing method

After removing the illuminator and the driver, you can either wash your hands or wash the T-shirt.

Disassembly method
First flip the inside of the T-shirt, then find the black power connector at the end of the yellow electrode on the back of the illuminator and the black power connector with 7 metal pins at the end of the driver power cable. Grab the two connectors with your hands and gently separate the connectors on both sides.
Then, peel off the illuminating piece fixed with the Velcro from the clothes gently.
Finally, remove the power driver.
1. It is necessary to unplug the power plug before you can tear the development of the light sheet. Otherwise, it is easy to tear off the yellow soft electrode behind the back of the light strip to prevent power.
2. If after separating the joints, you find that the 7 metal pins are not neat, please be neatly arranged, otherwise it will not be energized.
3. The illuminating sheet cannot be folded, otherwise the conductive line of the illuminating sheet will be broken.